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Digital Marketing Services

Digital Marketing Services

We provide best Digital Marketing Services with Google Certified Professionals. We have happy and satisfied customers in Kanchipuram, Vellore, Chennai, Hong Kong and China.

Digital Marketing Certificates

1. AdWords Fundamentals

2.  Google Analytics Individual Qualification

  Digital Marketing Services.

1. Domain Name Suggestion & Registration1. Domain Name Suggestion & Registration

The domain name for the particular business will be analyzed & searched taking previous domain name search made by the Public into account.  Also, suitable domain extension is suggested for the Domain Name. Domain Registration is also made to facilitate the Client in need.

2. Website Hosting Reseller:

We provide suitable website hosting solution for our customers depending upon their need & requirement.
As we are the website hosting reseller of Bangalore based company, we provide cost-effective hosting space & reliable service to our customers.
We also provide hosting services as per Our Clients need & requirements.

3. Website Development:

We provide website development service using Content Management System (CMS) namely WordPress for our customers.
WordPress is one of the Popular CMS available now & has a market share of nearly 28% as of now. Daily the users are increasing constantly.
Every 1 website out of 4 websites on the internet is developed using WordPress –CMS.

4. Local online Business Directory Registration:

We register your business in your online local business directory so that you can be visible to local customers who are searching in the internet. Many potential customers search online before they take a decision to purchase a Product or Service.

5. Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

SEO is otherwise called as the Un-Paid optimization by the search engines namely Google, Bing etc.
SEO ranking can be broadly classified into On-Page Optimization & Off-Page Optimization.
SEO is a method to increase the number of visitors searching for a particular keyword.

Image showing the components of Digital Marketing
Components of Digital Marketing

6. Google Analytics:

Google Analytics is a free Software service offered by Google to analyze our website to track the visitor’s movement to our website.
We can identify the visitor’s gender, location, the language used, the operating system used, the device used…
We can also find out whether visitors came through Organic Search or Paid advertisement or through Social media or by referral….

7. Search Engine Marketing (SEM):

SEM is also called as Paid Advertising. SEM depends on Search Engine Result Page or Landing Page

8. Social Media Marketing(SMM):

Social Media plays a vital role in most of the population. In a survey conducted by Hubspot Academy, 20 hours is spent by an adult per week with digital media.
As per HubSpot Academy, In Just One Minute…
1389 Blog Posts are published
FaceBook users share 2.5 million pieces of Content
YouTube users upload 72 hours of new video content
Twitter users tweet nearly 300,000 times
Instagram users post nearly 220,000 photos

9. Email Marketing:

Email marketing is sending messages to potential customers through Email. Email marketing is an old concept of 40 years of age. But is an Effective tool to send messages to potential customers.
Email marketing consists of delivering messages to potential customers into actual customers.
It takes a long journey in converting new persons into customers through follow up & follow through emails.

10. Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate marketing is a marketing type of business Income based on the number of visitors visit a particular website for purchasing the Product or service.
Affiliate commission is based on the category of the products engaged in the agreement.


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